Where to Find Us
Our handmade extreme
weather hats are as unique as
the people who wear them.
Contact us to find out which hat
will be perfect for your hair
color, head size or activity
Snow bunny hats are one of
our most popular hats. Ears
are covered and the face is
framed in a cloud of soft faux
furs. This hat is made with
soft brown and cream fibers.
A touch of teal adds interest.
$45 plus shipping.
So warm and so wild. This is our
mountain coyote faux fur. It's a
blend of cocoa brown and tan faux
furs, making it the perfect color for
just about everyone! Caps can be
made from black, brown, tans or
creams or all of these colors.
Slouch back on the hat gives it an  
updated and funky look. Just a fun,
fun hat. $45. plus shipping.
Look like you spent a million on this fur cuffed scarf/hoodie. Scarf is
made from black fleece and this fur is called mountain coyote. It's a
full. lush fur and so, so warm. $40 plus shipping
What an actress hu? That's me
trying to let you know that it's cold
outside. All that snow didn't
convey to you that its frickin
freezing at the Fernie Farm This is
our red fox hoodie.  $40. plus
Our Asian Snow leopard. Works
well on those with slight hints of
red or warm tones in their hair.
Sick of this model? Me too. It's me
and we get so snowed in that I'm
pretty much the only one willing to
head out in that cold stuff.
$40 plus shipping.
This is a less silky long faux fur. Super
wild and not for the demure. People will
stop you and want to know where you
got it. But then, all of our hats stop
people and make them ask..trust me.
Buy one and you'll see. $45 plus
Actic fox and chinchilla with a black
cap. Classy and yet...
Black, white yarns make the cap.
$45 plus shipping.
We make a number of items for children, including snow
boarding hats, neon colored caps and warm coats and muffs.
Pictured is our pink cape with fur trimmed hood and warm and
cozy hand muff. Cape is $45 and muff is $25 and the fuax fur
trim cane be your choice.
Left: We also make fleece coats with
faux fur trimmed hoods and cuffs.
Coats need to be custom ordered for
size and fur choice. Fleeces are
generally of the rustic or outdoorsy
motif. Large sizes are no problem.
$75. plus shipping.
Fall and Winter: 2014
This fall you'll find more reasons to visit Apple Hill
in Camino, Ca. After a  highly successful year last
year at this popular ranch, I will be opening my
own "store" in the main barn at
High Hill Ranch,
2901 High Hill Rd. ,Placerville.
Faux fur has become more and more realistic and
the variety of "pelts" are so varied.

If you are in the Pollock Pines area or plan on
traveling through this winter, you can also find my
creations at Ship Shape USA on Pony Express
Trail, Pollock Pines. They also ship so if you're
gifting long distance, give them a call at
530-644-0569 or visit their website at

All I have to say is:
THANK YOU ALL for your
loyal patronage, your efforts to let others know
who I am and your repeat orders. I knew when I
was creating these hats, headbands, boot covers
and all thing faux fur that they were as unique as
the people who will wear them. No two items are
alike, so come by and find the things that call to
Thank you all,
Fern Staton,