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We know that our site
is difficult to order
from so we encourage
you to contact us so
that we can send you a
brochure or our
inventory of hats that
you may be interested
in via email.
Remember, all of our
hats are guaranteed
to fit or just send the
hat back and we'll
gladly return your
money. Check us out
on Ebay. Type in The
Fernie Farm and
check out our
customer satisfaction
level. You don't want
another hat that you
won't wear, and we
don't want you to have
one, so unless you're
absolutely thrilled
with your purchase,
return it! No one likes
to buy something that
they never wear. Not
even us.
We also make an outstanding and
warm men's hat that is cuffed both on
the inside as well on the outside for
warmth and comfort. They come in
grey, black or brown. $40. plus
shipping. Perfect Christmas present for
those who live in colder climates.