The Fernie Farm
The Fernie Farm
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New this year, are the fur and fleece
scarves. They can be used to dress up a
plain coat or sweater and when you need
to protect your hair, simply lift it up like a
hood. This is a "must-have" for those who
don't like to wear a hat, but are freezing
to death, like me
$45.00 plus shipping. Can be ordered in
any of the furs pictured on this site.
This a blend of ivory fox and mountain
coyote with the cap being made of
brown and pale lavender yarns.
Snowball tassels on the ends of the
braids as well as two more that hang
from the back of the hat. Fun, fun hat.
Purple and black fauz fur frame the
face of this purple and black capped
snowball hat. The slouch style is not
only popular but allows for those of us
with long hair, to be able to tuck it all in
without smashing the hair-do.
Every now and again,
our customers share
a photo with us. This
is Sarah Cain, who is
a photographer and
owns Heracain
Photography. She
and her friends are
heading north this
winter and had to
have one of these
hats. Thanks Sarah!
If you look closely, you'll find Debbie and Joe Kramer on the slopes in Washington. Debbie was
smart enough to bring  her hat. Joe? Not so smart. Should have had on one of our mens hats.
Arctic Fox faux fur with white,
turquoise and black cap.
Arctic fox faux fur with black, white
and turquoise accents.
Right: If you like a hat with
faux fur that moves in the
wind, this peacock
feathered fur makes a
perfect frame for the face.
Works with black, brown
and creams.
Cream fox is featured on
this hat. Can be used with
black, brown or cream
colored yarns.
Our mens hats are
so comfortable and
versitile. Caps are
made from fleece
or bonded faux
suede and faux
furs can be in
black or browns.
What can I say. Sometimes you just have to
let your inhibitions go and create with your
imagination. Hoodie is $45.00 plus shipping.
Right: This hat is a tiny bit different
than the others. Rather than having
the cuff of faux fur go around the
head, it follows the line of the hat
that covers the ear. Not as much
fur, a little less flashy.
Our Hoodies (scarf with faux fur trim) is one of
our best sellers. Throw in a set of warm fur
trimmed matching gloves and you're ready for
Aspen. Hoodies are $45 and gloves are $20
plus shipping.