Got Hair?
Maybe its just me, but every time I shop for a hat, I find
myself picking one out, looking around to see if anyone is
watching, and quickly trying on the hat. Naturally, those
made-in-China hats sit stupidly on top of my pumpkin
sized head.
I came to realized that if a person wants to own a good
fitting hat, it must be personally designed. And so the
staff at The Fernie Farm set about creating the hat that
will fit everyone.
Ordering information:
Black and brown cap with Collie faux
fur and wolf faux fur.
Above: Left Handmade cap of black
and  gold yarns with red fox faux fur.
Right, blended yarns of browns and
creams with brown tipped fox faux fur.
Top photo: Two rows of golden wolf faux fur
frame the face on this blend of brown and
aqua yarns.
Bottom: Classic black cap with grey and
white accents. Arctic fox and snow leopard
frame the face. All handmade
ski/snowboarding hats are $45.00 +
shipping of $3.00
So many choices but if you will contact us
with your hair color and eye color, we can
email you some suggestions and pictures.
New faux furs come in weekly and with fur
being the hottest thing this fall and winter,
these hats give everyone a chance to frame
their face in a cloud of softness. All hats are
$45 plus a three dollar shipping charge (U.S.)
and a bit more for out of the country.
Black and teal fibers make up the cap on this wonderful hat.
Black and white fur forms the upper trim of faux fur while the
lower trim that frames the face is the white arctic fox with
black tips. Feel like a million bucks for only $45.00 plus
This one has the slouch cap with snowball
s at the end of each braid, including the two
that hang from the back of the cap. The
slouch cap is a roomier, a little more hip
look that we came out with last year. It's
our best seller. State color of fur and color
of yarn if you'd like to order: $45 +shipping
For the purple people. Black
and purple, matched with
black and purple yarns.
$45+ shipping
We have a new line of fur cuffed fleece
hoods. The fleece can be ordered in brown
or black and the furs come in an assortment
of animal prints. Pictured is Asian Snow
leopard: a blend of gold, black and cream
faux furs. $40 plus shipping.
These hats have been designed
for cold weather and even if you
get caught in a white-out
blizzard, a quick shake of the
hat will fluffy it right back to
it's original beauty.
This hat features a faux fur that has
varigated colors. Browns, grey and
shades of gold make it a perfect
choice for any haircolor. cream cap
with black accents.
Above: Hat is made from a faux fur called
Golden Peacock. Very full and feathery and is
one of our more popular furs. Pictured is a
hat that's cap is cream, black and brown
colored. Very easy to match with pretty much
any coat.
Looking for a gift that will fit anyone? We make
boot toppers that will transpose a common pair
of boots into boots that will have people stopping
you on the street and asking where you got your
boots. Boot toppers can be ordered in black,
brown or tan. Any of the furs pictured on the hats
can be used in the boot toppers. $30. set plus
The Fernie Farm,